Parts Are What Separate a Lexus From Every Other Vehicle on the Road

Consider the complexity that exists under every hood. With hundreds of different components interacting to thrust a vehicle across a variety of terrains, every interaction becomes crucial for the proper functioning of a car. And when even one of those interactions goes awry, the system fails. Something that works 99% of the time is just not good enough, not by a mile.

That’s what makes a Lexus truly remarkable. Every car has the weakest link, but ours are stronger and more resilient. And that’s why lower-cost imitations simply are not a suitable substitution. Lexus quality means more assurance for you and fewer trips to our Service Department for repairs.

So when you're looking for Lexus OEM or aftermarket performance parts and accessories like rims, shocks, or even a remote car starter, come to our Lexus of Kelowna Parts Department. You can order Lexus parts online and keep up with our regular parts specials through our website.

Genuine Lexus Accessories

Genuine Lexus accessories are designed to make your Lexus vehicle more versatile or improve its design. They also make it a better vehicle for your family and safer on the road, giving you the opportunity to go on any adventure your heart desires.

Come to Lexus of Kelowna today and discover our full inventory of genuine Lexus accessories that have been specially designed for your vehicle. You will also find trailer hitches to tow, roof boxes for added convenience and versatility, bike racks and other sports equipment-carrying features, and more. We also have F Sport Accessories, which will make your Lexus stand out on the road.

F Sport Accessories

Lexus F Sport accessories are a mark of true performance. Designed with the precise engineering of your car in mind, F Sport parts take your driver’s experience to the next level, with a stunning style that lifts the curbside appeal of your car.

Genuine Lexus Parts & Accessories


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