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International woman’s day March 2021

Employee appreciation day March 2021

Lexus 2020 Pursuit of Excellence Award
We are very proud to have been awarded the 2020 Pursuit of Excellence, marking our third win.
Lexus of Canada awards dealers in recognition of their outstanding efforts and successes. In order to be recognized for this award, we must be ranked a top performer in 10 areas.
This award would not be possible without all of our dedicated team members and all of our wonderful guests. So to everyone who contributed along the way, thank you! Here’s to another great year in 2021.

Christmas lunch Dec 2020
Christmas 2020 definitely looked a little different than past years.  Normally we love to celebrate the staff by putting on an overnight getaway with dinner and fun but since we were unable to do so this year, we provided each team member with an individual turkey lunch with all the fixin’s and a $100 gift card.  We look forward to getting back to our over-the-top parties in years to come.

Food trucks Sept 2020
Although Covid put a damper on our normally busy summer staff BBQ schedule, we didn’t let that stop us from having fun.  This year, we had the TNT Dynamite Food Truck offer their delicious menu for lunch at each dealership while maintaining proper safety protocols.  To add a little extra fun, we had a putting contest with prizes for the winners!


Kelowna Kickoff Feb 2020

Let’s kick the year off right!  Thankfully before Covid took hold, we were able to treat our Sentes Kelowna team members of Lexus of Kelowna, Kelowna Mercedes-Benz, and Kelowna Infiniti Nissan to a fun night out to get everyone excited for the year ahead.  Who doesn’t love great food, awesome company, and fun games?!  We very much enjoyed celebrating with the team.

The Lexus Experience Feb 2020
“The evolution of Lexus is marked by innumerable milestones, including vehicles that launched new categories, technologies that altered the luxury landscape, and an approach to serving our Guests that revolutionized customer care. From then to now, we’ve been pouring the same time and passion into every vehicle we build and every Guest we serve. Here’s just a few markers.”  In February 2020, we had the opportunity to treat all of our Lexus of Kelowna staff to Kaizen training which will help ensure that each member of our team provides the Lexus experience to each and every guest.

What Is Kaizen?  Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees. Kaizen sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process.